I know i’m a little late but…Happy New Year!!!!

On another note, today was the first real COLD day we have had here in DC. I am not a fan of being cold unless it’s for a good reason like, playing in the snow or hiking on a beautiful trail. I would say skiing but I do not know how to…I know it’s tragic. Too bad Aerin Lauder is not a close personal friend of mine because I would invite myself every year to join her at her gorgeous home in Aspen and have her give me lessons…J/K. But seriously you’ll feel the same way after you’ve seen the below pics.

1Queen of Winterland

826Simple earthy palate. Really like the wood ceilings and arched beams.

3The library has a comforting feeling with all that wood present. Wish there was a window seat though.

104712I like that this is a gender neutral children’s room. The use of wood is simply…beautiful.


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