Where does the time go?!? I haven’t blogged in a few weeks but I ‘ve come back with a beautiful treat…photos of the gorgeous Patina Farm. It’s the home of Architect Steve and Interior Designer Brooke Giannetti in California’s Ojai Valley. They first  bought the land and together designed the home. Though the house is large it is so well designed that it seems homey with a touch of Europe throughout. They also have the cutest donkeys and goats!


638steve and broole giannetti- farmhouse4

Love these vintage doors that Brooke installed

1steve and broole giannetti- farmhouse5

steve and broole giannetti- farmhouse

La piece de resistance….this glass encased shower/tub combo…to die for!

steve and broole giannetti- farmhouse2

This kitchen makes me want to learn to cook and with a view of this oak right out the window, yes please!

2steve and broole giannetti- farmhouse3

This living room looks comfortable and especially with the below seating area right outside the window.


These miniature goats and donkeys are so so so so cute. Below Brooke and Steve.


They just published a book detailing Patina Farms journey from construction to farm/home.



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