Let me tell you how I learned about the wonderful artist Marthe Armitage…

I am a fan of Landscape Artist Miranda Brooks (post about her work coming soon) and while searching, a Vogue article featuring her Brooklyn home popped up.Being nosy I had to check it out. I fell in love with the light blue wallpaper that was showcased in her daughter’s room. I decided to do some research on the person or company that produced such a lovely print. That is when I came across and learned about the very talented Marthe Armitage.

She is a British woman of 86 years, who has been hand printing wallpaper since the 50s and has only recently been recognized for her work in the last 10 years!!  Marthe hand draws all of her designs, she cuts her designs into lino blocks and then uses a lithographic printing press to create her custom wallpaper. All of this is done in her studio/garage with the help of her daughter.

Her work is classic yet modern and works well in many different settings.


Marthe and her Daughter in the studio


What inspired me to research…blue wallpaper in Miranda Brooks Brooklyn home


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