Renzo Piano is the famed Italian Architect enlisted to design the 300,000 Sq Ft Academy Museum on Whilshire Blvd in California.The building will host a collection of film memorabilia including set designs, costumes, props and interactive installations. Over 140,000 films, 10 million photos, 42,000 original film posters and 10,000 production drawings.

The original building was constructed in 1938 and has been vacant for the last 20 years. Once again the building will be part of the evolving urban LA scene.

Renzo Piano’s workshop has worked on the designs for the museum’s two buildings since 2012 and should be completed in 2019.

A new spherical addition will accommodate a 1,000-seat theater and a dome-covered terrace with views of the Hollywood Hills. Across the campus, long-term exhibitions presenting the history of movie-making will be accompanied by a program of temporary installations dedicated to specific movies, genres or directors. As well as the large theater in the sphere – designed for events, premiers and presentation – a smaller 288-seat auditorium will host screenings. Restaurants, shops and education spaces will also feature.

“The millions of people around the world who make and love movies will be able to come to the epicenter of film-making and experience the magic of this art form,” said Academy CEO Dawn Hudson.”They’ll see firsthand the vast collections of the academy and the work of our members. And, they’ll be able to do that all year – not just on Oscar night.”

(Excerpt from designboom.com)


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Floor Plan


Mimi Jung’s work examines multiple dimensions of self-preservation, particularly as it relates to private and public self-representation, and the ways in which those depictions are manifest through social and cultural mores. Her constructed forms, with their voids and translucencies, are fixed but never static; the viewer actively controls the experience of transit around and through them—reflecting inward on their own behaviors. In the end, Jung’s limning of space is reflexive, visible to those who are predisposed to see it.

Born in 1981 in Seoul, Korea, Mimi Jung received a BFA from Cooper Union and attended HGK Basel and Städelschule for postgraduate studies.

(Directly from her site http://www.mimijung.com)

Her work is absolutely amazing and creates a sense of awe!!

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