Mimi Jung’s work examines multiple dimensions of self-preservation, particularly as it relates to private and public self-representation, and the ways in which those depictions are manifest through social and cultural mores. Her constructed forms, with their voids and translucencies, are fixed but never static; the viewer actively controls the experience of transit around and through them—reflecting inward on their own behaviors. In the end, Jung’s limning of space is reflexive, visible to those who are predisposed to see it.

Born in 1981 in Seoul, Korea, Mimi Jung received a BFA from Cooper Union and attended HGK Basel and Städelschule for postgraduate studies.

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Her work is absolutely amazing and creates a sense of awe!!

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A good friend of mine brought Mandy Moore’s home to my attention for great reasons. It’s mid-century style, views,  natural sunlight, furniture choice and the array of color.

The home is on a hill in Pasadena with views of San Gabriel mountains/valley, was built in the 1950s and designed by Harold B. Zook.

Mandy and her Fiance Taylor enlisted the help of architect Emily Farnham, interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, and  landscape designers Terremoto to help bring the home up-to-date, customizing it to their needs.


Mandy in her reading nook


Terrazzo bench by the fireplace


Mandy and her fiance Taylor in the master bedroom. Loving the custom hunter green headboard.


Terrazzo bathroom floors



Designer Brad Ford was hired by modernist clients to help outfit their new Upper West Side , Renaissance Revival apartment they had recently purchased. Brad is known for his modern aesthetic with a warm soul and was hired to help add just that kind of touch.

‘Balance, light, space and color factor into all of his designs, creating a timeless effect. Clean lines and simple but well-crafted furnishings, with an attention to texture and the highest quality materials are Brad Ford ID essentials. “We create environments that complement and suit the lifestyle and personality of the client. Whether the room is formal or casual, traditional or modern, accessibility and comfort are a must.”’


Designer – Brad Ford


The above and below are photographs of his other work

WORKWORK4WORK6baCast Iron House on Broadway and Franklin in NYC. Designed by Sigeru Ban.WORK1cWORK3WORK2